Spend an exquisite moment while your mind and body,
tight and exhausted by your busy schedule,
is refreshed one area at a time.

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Traditional Thai Massage has been called “the world’s most refreshing massage,
” and is so well-recognized globally that even the UNESCO has added it to the official “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” list.

In Thailand, it has long been loved as a traditional preventive medicine and nowadays,
people all over the world are captivated by its healing power.

Here at SORA, we have taken this historical healing tradition and modified it somewhat to our own version,
making it more accessible to today’s people.

While keeping the core traditions of Thai massage,
it combines the advantages of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, yoga, bodywork, and classic loosening and stretching into a comprehensive relaxation regimen.
We have achieved something that creates a sense of both comfort and lightness for the whole body and mind.

Empty your stress.
SORA means “sky” in Japanese but is written with a character that also means “empty.” Our Thai Relaxation Salon SORA was created with this theme of "emptying" stress.

We are committed to providing a completely private space for our customers to enjoy the ultimate healing experience.
To that end, the salon features soft, relaxing lighting and wallpaper inspired by both Japanese and Thai culture.
Your moment of relaxation will take place in an environment completely unlike the harsh spaces we often must spend time in.

Come experience our philosophy of both technique,
and environment creation as we continue to pursue methods of providing true healing for your mind and body.

Your own personalized menu

Choose the course that suits you from our five selections depending on how you are feeling and your preferences.
Or you can let our therapist review your physical condition and suggest something appropriate for your needs.

In pursuit of your absolute satisfaction
SORA's original massage

SORA’s massage is a fusion of the "world's most comfortable" traditional Thai massage and "the best healing" Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques.
This original technique considers the accumulated fatigue of the whole body, drawing out the self-healing power that’s within all humans, and creating a sensation of lightness as if a gentle breeze is passing through you.